Scope of application :

Used for a variety of textile fabrics, including industrial fabrics, nonwovens and other textile products and other breathable materials.

Test standard :

GB/T 5453, GB/T 13764, ISO 9237, ISO 7231, ISO 5636, BS 5636, ASTM D737

DIN 53887, JIS L1096

Device characteristics :

  1. Use imported high precision pressure and pressure difference sensor to ensure accurate data.
  2. Microcomputer processing, the test results are directly displayed without the manual check.
  3. Built-in 7 test units mm/s, m3/m2. Min, cm3/cm2. S, m3/m2. H, CFM, L/dm2. Min, L/m2. S, test units can freely switch according to requirements.
  4. Color touch screen control, high definition, Chinese and English double-menu operation.
  5. On-line operation of computer upper computer can be used to automatically draw real-time test data curve for easy observation.
  6. Automatically change the nozzle and automatically detect the sample area.

Technical parameters :

  1. Differential pressure range: 1 ~ 4000Pa
  2. Detectable permeability: 1 ~ 9999mm/s
  3. Error of measurement: less than or equal to 2%
  4. Measuring fabric thickness: no more than 12mm
  5. Adjustment of suction volume: dynamic adjustment of data feedback
  6. Test area: 5cm2;20 cm2;50 cm2;100 cm2

Ф 50 mm (19.6 cm2 material) Ф 70 mm (38.5 cm2 material)

  1. Nozzle parameters:
Diameter φ(mm)0.81.22346810121620
  1. Data processing capacity: no more than 20*30 test
  2. Printer: thermal micro printer
  3. Power source: AC220V 50Hz 2KW
  4. Outer form: 1070 x 670 x 1080mm
  5. Weight: 75Kg







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