Scope of application:

It is used for the determination of anti-seepage performance of various kinds of fabrics (such as canvas, coating cloth, tent cloth, tarpaulin, waterproof clothing cloth and earthwork cloth etc.).

Test standard:

GB/T 4744, FZ/T 01004, AATCC 127, DIN 53886, JIS L1092

Device characteristics:

  1. Color touch screen control, Chinese and English menu operation, simple and quick operation.
  2. Servo motor drive system is adopted to control the flow rate of the microcomputer, and the speed range of pressure is wide and adjustable, and the pressure speed is accurate.
  3. Adopt imported high-precision pressure sensor, automatic overload protection of sensors, dynamic feedback adjustment of pressure control, and effectively prevent overpressure.
  4. The pneumatic clamping sample is convenient and quick, so that the sample force can be uniform and prevent sample damage.
  5. Five test modes can be selected, supercharging method, constant pressure timing method, constant pressure timing method, flaccid relaxation and seepage water leakage method.

The new national standard test method has automatic rating function.

  1. The five test units are free to switch: Kpa, mmHg, cmH2O, PSI, Bar.
  2. Built-in professional LED lighting device to observe water beads.It has a special water bead record button.Can record many water bead pressure results.
  3. Built-in wireless wifi, which can be wirelessly controlled by the tablet.Built-in portable printer.Also can be unlimited data store printing, can online operation automatically draw real-time test data curve, easy to observe.
  4. Automatic identification of test samples with experimental process can automatically identify the shutdown and record the maximum value.

Technical parameters:

ModelMeasure rangeAccuracyThe rate of water pressure riseArea of sample holder
-5 model100pa-50kpa0.2%F.S100pa-100kpa100cm2
  1. Pressure display resolution: 1/10000
  2. Sensor test accuracy: less than 1% (5% to 100% of single sensor full range)
  3. Experimental area: 100cm2 7.8cm2 (optional);
  4. Pressure rate: 0.1KPa ~ 10KPa/min (no level adjustable);
  5. Working mode: 5 kinds
  6. Display mode: color screen in Chinese and English
  7. Use power: AC 220V plus or minus 10% 50Hz 500W
  8. External dimensions: 550 x 430 x 630mm
  9. Weight: 60kg





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