Scope of application:

Used for various fibre diameter measurements.

Test standard:

GB/T10685 FZ/T30003 SN/T0756 AATCC20A, etc

Functional features:

  1. The cross-section measurement conforms to the requirements of AATCC 20a-1995 fibre quantitative analysis;
  2. Used to observe the cross-sectional shape of various chemical fibers, foreign fibers and hollow fibers and measure the area of sections;
  3. Test the heterotype of foreign fibers;
  4. The fiber content of various blend products can be obtained by analyzing and measuring the horizontal form of single fiber in blended products.
  5. Use professional analysis software, data and report to EXCEL output, and provide standard report.

Technical parameters :

  1. Work mode: manual measurement, automatic measurement, multi-point measurement;Automatic statistical analysis, report printing, photo printing
  2. Instrument structure: computer, industrial camera, microscope, printer
  3. Measuring range: 0-200um
  4. Measurement accuracy: 0.1um
  5. Power source: AC220V 50Hz 100W
  6. Dimensions: 1200 x 500 x 600mm
  7. Weight: 25kg


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