Scope of application :

Used for the anti-twisting strength test for various zipper heads.

Test standard:

QB/T 2171, QB/T 2172, QB/T 2173

Device characteristics :

  1. Using touch screen control, the interface is simple and easy to understand, easy to operate, sensitive to touch and switching between Chinese and English.
  2. The anti-twist clamp is made of stainless steel, and the appearance is simple and easy.
  3. The rotating structure adopts the low noise reduction machine, which runs smoothly and with low noise.
  4. Three test methods: torsional test, fixed Angle and load.
  5. Connect computers and printers.
  6. The machine can not be used to query all experimental data.
  7. Computer control, automatic test, calculation and analysis results, printing data.
  8. The unit can switch (cn.m and N.m).

[technical parameters] :

  1. Torque measurement: 5.000N.m (500cn.m)
  2. Torque accuracy: 0.1 cn.m

3, torsion Angle: + 150 °

4, the torsion Angle precision: 0.1 °

  1. Torsion speed: 0.5r/min-2.0r/min

Deceleration ratio: 20 times

  1. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz, 100W
  2. Dimensions: 460 x 410 x 550mm
  3. Weight: 50kg

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