Scope of application:

It is used to test and measure the fastness of perspiration stain and color fastness of all kinds of textile materials and textiles, and the properties of the resistance to perspiration, water resistance, saliva resistance, yellowing resistance and seawater color fastness.

Compliance criteria :

GB/T 3922, GB/T 5714, GB/T 5713, AATCC 15, AATCC 107, AATCC 106, ISO 105

Device characteristics :

  1. Steel frame and steel hammer are made of 316L steel, which can long endure acid and alkali and resist corrosion.Compared to the market, using 202,304 and other materials to imitate the equipment has unmatched long-term performance.
  2. The steel hammer adopts 45+5N style combined weight hammer, which can meet the requirements of the beauty standard and the European standard for test conditions.

Technical parameters:

  1. Heavy hammer: 50N plus or minus 1% (45 +5N combined configuration)
  2. Mezzanine size: 115 x 60 x 1.5mm(L * W * H)
  3. Dimensions: 240 x 100 * 160mm(L * W * H)
  4. Pressure: 12.5kpa

Standard checklist :

  1. Product description
  2. Product qualification certificate
  3. Two perspiration racks
  4. Weight one (45N and 5N combination)
  5. 40 pieces of resin
  6. Liquid box: 10 acid base

Selection of consumables and accessories:

  1. Balance 0.01g 100g

2, PH meter

  1. L-histidine salt, sodium chloride, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, disodium hydrogen phosphate, sodium hydroxide to analyze each bottle of pure reagent
  2. Multi-fiber pasted cloth
  3. Multi-clip head dryer
  4. 100ml measuring cup
















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