LR-E026 Electric Dyeing Fastness Tester

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dry or wet white cotton cloth on the machine of friction mallet surface, at a certain load and number of specimens friction non-ferrous, contrast gray scale, dyeing friction fastness rating. As the friction test of organic solvent.

Reference standards: jis-l0801, 0823, 0849, 1006, 1084, K6328, P8136

Machine specification:

Friction speed: 30cpm

Friction hammer load: 200g

Auxiliary load: 300g

Size of friction hammer: 45 * 50mm

Specimens: 22 x 3 cm

White cotton: 5 x 5cm

Machine weight: about 58kg

White cotton area: 1 cm square

Friction distance: 100mm

Counter: electronic six digit number

Number of friction groups: 6

Power supply: 220V

Machine size: about 50 * 55 * 35cm