LR-F001 Friction coefficient(COF)Tester


Friction coefficient tester is mainly used to measure the static and dynamic friction coefficients of plastic film and thin film (or other similar materials).By measuring the smoothness of the material, the opening of the packaging bag and the packaging speed of the packaging machine can be controlled and adjusted to meet the product requirements.

Test Standard

GB10006   ASTM D1894   ISO8295

LR-F001 Friction coefficient(COF)Tester


1.Full digital automatic system, touch screen display.The test process tracking shows the friction force, and the test results show the coefficient of dynamic and static friction.

2.Connect to the computer.When connected to a computer, in addition to automatically memory and store the results, can also show the friction curve changes and save.

3.Using high precision force sensor, the measurement accuracy is 1 grade.

4.Specially designed drive system, smooth movement, more accurate test results.


LR-F001 Friction coefficient(COF)Tester

Technical Parameters:

Sample thickness: ≤0.2mm

Slider size (length × width) : 63×63mm

Slider mass: 200±2g

Test table size: 170×336mm

Measurement accuracy: 0.001N

Slider movement speed :(0-150) mm/min (adjustable)

Slider stroke: 0-150mm (adjustable)

Force range: 0-5N

External dimensions: 500×335×220 mm

Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz


Configuration:  Mainframe, specialized software, RS232 cable.

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