Microcomputer compression strength tester is a touch screen controlled paper and board compression strength tester, which is used to test paper ring pressure strength, cardboard edge pressure strength, corrugated board bonding strength, corrugated board compression strength and so on.Paper mills are usually used to test the RCT of paper with a thickness of 0.15 ~ 1.00mm.Cardboard, carton factories and carton enterprises are commonly used to test corrugated board edge compression strength (ECT), flat compression strength (FCT), bonding strength (PAT) and flat compression strength (CMT) with diameter less than 60mm.This instrument is an ideal auxiliary test tool for paper making enterprises, paperboard manufacturers, carton manufacturers, carton users and quality supervision and inspection departments.

Test standard

GB/T 2679.8 determination of ring compression strength of paper and paperboard(sample area: 152.4×12.7mm)

GB/T 6546 “determination of corrugated board edge pressure strength”;(sample area: 25mm×100mm)

GB/T 6548 “determination of adhesive strength of corrugated board”;(sample area: 25mm×80mm)

GB/T 2679.6 determination of flat compression strength of corrugated base paper;(sample area: 64.5cm2/32.2cm2)


Product type:Touched screen control with test curve.

measuring range: 5 ~ 5000N

Edge crush strength:0-50000N/m

Ring crush strength:32.89KN/M


Resolution: 0.01 N,0.01kg,0.01LB

test speed: 12.5mm/min

Test Area:Up Down press plate area>100cm2  Height:80mm


Save data:can save 100groups data

Print output:Thermal paper printing output

Outside size:320*300*520mm


Function:Data saving and viewing, error data deletion, data printing, parameter setting, equipment calibration, real-time data monitoring, test completion reset, test effect control, limit protection, etc.

Application: carton, paper, corrugated board, color box, plastic hollow board, small carton, small paper tube

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