Bursting Strength Tester is the updated version of the anti-breaking instrument, touch screen control, real-time curve display dynamic and curve printing function, is a special high-tech anti-breaking strength testing machine for tobacco and scientific research institutions, the equipment has high precision, accurate data, with curve analysis data function, is a common paper products testing equipment for scientific research institutions

Paper burst strength tester is according to the international general R&D and production (Mullen) method, is also a constant section according to the demand of the market specialized in research and development of an economic and practical corrugated burst testing machine, the function is all ready, data accurate, affordable, widely used in the paper the incoming inspection of the enterprise, is all kinds of paper, cardboard, aluminum foil sheet material such as burst strength testing of special equipment, its various performance parameters and technical indicators in line with ISO2758 paper – burst degree of determination and GB454 paper burst degree measurement and other standards,It is suitable for testing the breaking strength of all kinds of raw paper, paper and aluminum foil, and also can be used for testing the breaking strength of non-paper sheet materials such as silk and cotton cloth.



Type:Touched screen control,have test curve.

Measuring range: low pressure paper:50 ~ 1400 kpa,high pressure paper board:150-5600kpa

Accuracy: ≤±0.5%

Resolution: 0.01 kpa

Deformation error: ≤±1 mm

Oil feeding speed:low pressure:95±5mm/ml, high pressure 175±5mm/ml

Compress plate diameter:low pressure:Up plate diameter 30.5±0.1mm Down plate:33.1±0.1mm

High pressure:up plate diameter 31.5±0.1mm Down plate:31.1±0.1mm

Rubber pressure:low pressure:(9±0.2)mm,pressure is (30±5kpa)

High pressure:10mm–(170-220kpa),18mm–(250-350)kpa

Clamping force:0-1200kpa(adjustable)

Unit choose:kpa,kg/cm3,lbf/in2

Controller:7 inch Color Touched Screen,have test curve

Data save:can save above 100 groups

Print output:Thermal paper printing output


Function:Data saving and viewing, error data deletion, data printing, parameter setting, equipment calibration, real-time data monitoring, test completion reset, test effect control, limit protection

Application: low pressure type suitable for: paper, kraft paper, white and white card paper, grey board paper, single-layer board, corrugated base paper,

Double adhesive paper, toilet paper, aluminum foil copper foil, cigarette box, color box, etc

High pressure type suitable for: carton, cardboard, corrugated board, color box, cigarette pack, beer box, shoe box, milk carton, plastic hollow board, leather, fabric, fabric, high strength aluminum foil copper foil, etc.

Application extension: low strength plastic board, fireproof material, cloth, fiber material


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