LR-F019  High Speed Peel Strength Tester

Scope of application

Suitable for adhesive tape, protective film, label, release film (paper) and other products to test the peeling performance, testing the adhesive strength of the adhesive material, anti-peeling performance, can do 180 degrees peeling, 90 degrees peeling test.

LR-F019  High Speed Peel Strength Tester

Test standard

GB/T 2792-2014 Test Method for Peeling Strength of Adhesive Tape ASTM D3330-2004 Pressure Sensitive Tape Peeling Adhesion Test Method

ISO 29862-2007 Self-adhesive tapes, determination of resistance to stripping and adhesion properties

GBT 17554.1-2006 Test method for peel strength

GB 7753-1987 Test method for tensile properties of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes

GBT 2792-1998 Test method for 180° peel strength of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape

General requirements for medical tape YYT 0148-2006

FTM1-FINAT test method No.1_180° peel force test (peel speed 300mmmin) FTM2-FINAT test method No.2_90° peel force test (peel speed 300mmmin) FTM3-FINAT test methodNo.3_ Low Speed Release Force Test of Self-adhesive

FTM4-FINAT test method No.4_ rapid release force test of self-adhesive can adapt to a variety of domestic

LR-F019  High Speed Peel Strength Tester


Capacity1、2、5、10、20kg optional
Accuracy level0.5level
Test low limit0.3g
Test speedSpeed can range from a slow 100mm/min to a fast 25m/min

The Angle can be 90° to 180° for a variety of angles


Return speed10m/min
Power resolution0.001g
Displacement resolution0.001mm
Effective stroke400mm
Control methodsComputer control
Outside sizeW 1000mm×D 500mm×H 400mm
Power220VAC±10% / 50Hz
Sampling rateThe pick point frequency can reach 1000 times/s (and there are multiple frequency bands available


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