Product overview

The zero drop test machine is mainly used to examine the impact degree of drop impact on package during actual transportation and loading and unloading, and to evaluate the reasonableness of the impact strength and package design in the process of handling.

The zero drop test machine is mainly used for larger package drop test.The machine is equipped with an “E” fork that can move down rapidly as the test piece bracket, and the test products are balanced according to the test requirements (surface, edge, Angle test).During the test, the supporting arm moves down at high speed, and the test product drops to the bottom plate rubber with the “E” fork. Under the action of efficient shock absorber, it is embedded on the bottom plate.Theoretically, the zero drop test machine can make a drop test from zero height range. The drop height is set by the LCD controller, and the drop test is performed automatically according to the set height.

Control principle: adopt computer to import electrical reasonable design, complete free fall body, edge, Angle, face whole aspect design.

Applicable standard: GB/ t1019-2008

Technical specification

Sample max weight0—200Kg
Drop height0—1500 mm
Max sample size1600×1100×1000mm
Impact floor size1800 × 1600mm
Impact bottom1. One piece: 30mm thick, flat: the height difference of any two points on the impact surface shall not exceed 1mm;

2. Hard: the static load deformation of any 100mm2 area on the impact surface shall not exceed 0.1mm

Sample hoisting speed<20s/m
The arm drops the terminal velocity1m height, terminal velocity >4.42m/s
Support arm size1000 × 1000 × 30mm
Test sideFace, edge, Angle
Drive wayMotor drive
Protection deviceThe upper and lower protective devices are provided with induction type protection
Impact sheet material45# Steel,Solid steel plate
Height showsTouch screen control
Drop heightTouch screen control
The structure of the bracket arm45# Steel is made by welding
Drive wayStraight sliding block and copper guide sleeve imported from Taiwan,45#Chrome steel
Accelerating devicepneumatic
Drop waypneumatic
WeightAbout 1500KG
Rate of power5KW


















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