This machine is used for free drop test of specimens.The specimen can freely select three states of surface, edge and Angle for drop test, and the drop test height can be preset.When the specimen rises to the preset height, it will stop positioning automatically.The distance between the supporting arms can be selected according to different sizes of the products, and the electric width can be adjusted.

The design standards meet: gb47575-84, jisz0202-87, iso2248-1972 (E).

Technical Specification

Maximum weight of specimen0—70kg、0—100kg、0—150kg、0—200kg
Maximum size of specimen1200×1500×2000mm(can customize)
Height of drop400—1500mm、400—2000mm(can customize)
Drop floor materialSolid steel plate with thickness of 16mm(can customize)
Height error of drop≤±10 mm
 Angle error≤5°
Height display modeDigital display
Action wayElectric drop, manual reset
Protection functionThe upper and lower limit protection switch is installed on the main shaft of the machine
PowerAC380V,50Hz(can customize 220V)

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