LR-F022 Package Drop Tester

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Design Standard:GB4757.5-84 JISZ0202-87 ISO2248-1972(E)

Uses:Our drop testers can determine the ultimate dimension in drop testing and incline impact testing for product and package performance which uses as reference to improve the packing. Special fixtures are available to allow for corner and edge drops.


Advanced structure ensure that bracket and specimen separate freely and specimen drop freely through bracket rapid downward motion then rotation movement. It delivers perfect test for specimen side, edge and corner.


Test height 30~200cm
Weight of specimen not more than100kg
Test space 800mm
Height adjustment power driven
Display modes digital
Drop method Eloctromagnetic control


Fitting modes side,corner,edge
Power of motor 1.85KWA
Power 1φ,220V/50Hz
Weight 500kg