LR-F023 Transport Vibration Tester

Uses: This machine is used to simulation testing damage between transport for various package stuff, PC panal, electrical products ect.


Have the cushion start function, in the work the noise is extremely low.

Unique slideway structure makes clamping specimen conveniently and reliably.

Digit display controller is precise and simple.

Timer fuction is elegent appearance.

Suitable for toys, electronics, furniture, gift, ceramics, package transportation test experiment was carried out to the packing of the products;


LR-F023 Transport Vibration Tester


Speed display0.1RPM


Vibration methodreciprocation type


Vibration amplitude1 inch(25.4mm) +15%, to agree with ISTA transportation standard


Max load100 KG
Effective test area1000×1500mm
Speed accuracynot more than ±3RPM


Time setting range0~99.99hour
Motor power1HP


Max current5A
Power220V  50Hz single phase

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