ISO 5626 MIT Folding Endurance Tester uses to test the paper folding fatigue performance test tool, through this test instrument can test the paper folding times and folding resistance.The instrument can  test the flexural fatigue performance of textiles, plastic film, wire and other products.It is an ideal testing tool for paper making, packaging, textile and wire products.

ISO 5626 MIT Folding Endurance Tester Test standard

ISO 5626, determination of folding resistance of paper

GB 2679.5 determination of folding resistance of paper and board

ISO 5626 MIT Folding Endurance Tester Specification

Folding Angle: material yield bending Angle is 135±1°

Folding speed: standard bending speed is 175±5 times /min

Spring tension: 4.91~ 14.72N, add 9.81N force, spring compression at least 17mm.

Standard chuck: monomial high width standard clamp with sample parallel bit.

Folding chuck: the change of tension caused by rotation eccentricity is no more than 0.343N.

Folding head width: 19±1mm

Folding radius: 0.38±0.02mm

Clamping method of the lower fixture: cylindrical knurled knob, more convenient force clamping

Fold mouth gap distance: 0.25 mm / 0.5 mm / 0.75 mm / 1.00 mm

Man-machine interface: 5.0in touch color screen control, real-time display of test data

Printout: modular integrated thermal printer

Working environment: temperature (0~35) ℃, humidity < 85%

Overall dimension: 300*300*450mm

Weight: 35 kg


Product features

1, microcomputer control technology, open structure, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

2. Automatic measurement, statistics and printing of test results, and data saving function.

3. Automatically return to zero after testing.

4. Modern design concept of optical electromechanical integration, compact structure, beautiful appearance and convenient maintenance.

5. Real-time display of test times and folding resistance (logarithm)

6. Import stepper motor Angle is precisely adjustable and speed is adjustable.Meet different test criteria

Instrument has powerful data processing function: not only to a single sample of double fold number and corresponding numerical (folding degrees) for conversion, and can the multiple samples in the same group experiment data, can the statistical sample in the same group to maximum, minimum, average and coefficient of variation, the data is stored in the microcomputer, through the display shows.

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