The cardboard stiffness tester is a basic instrument for the anti-bending performance of various cardboard materials.Using two points, it is an efficient and easy to use instrument.

Test Standard


Main technical parameters

Measuring range: (0-10000) mN or (0-500) mN. M

Resolution: 1mN

Accuracy: + 1%

Test speed: 300 /min or 200 /min

Load arm length: 50mm 25 mm 10 mm (5~50 adjustable)

Bending Angle: 0 ~ 90 for arbitrary setting (commonly used 15)

Power: AC110~ 240V, 50Hz

Dimensions (l * w * h) : 330 x 340 * 290mm

Quality: about 14kg

Man-machine interface: display of touch screen in Chinese and English (real-time curve)


Product features:

  1. High precision

Using high precision force sensor, the accuracy control is < 1%, which is better than the standard.

  1. Reasonable structure and durability

Transparent plastic cover is easy to use and protects the head from accidental force.The preset Angle automatic control system makes the test faster and more accurate.Aluminum alloy panel, high quality stainless steel clamping head, ensure that the instrument is durable.

  1. Easy to use, fast and efficient

Touch screen Chinese and English display, friendly man-machine interface operation.Fully automatic completion of test, with test data processing function, micro-printer output, can also connect computer operation.When connecting to a computer, you can also display the anti-pressure curve and save it, except for the automatic memory storage results.

  1. Easy to measure and calibrate

The calibration procedure is specially set up in the instrument to calibrate and calibrate the instrument.When calibrating, the instrument can be calibrated using standard weights or measuring devices.



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