It is suitable for testing of flat pressure strength and deformation of various kinds of industrial paper tubes, chemical fiber paper tubes, plastic tubes, small packing boxes, paper cups, paper bowls and other kinds of small containers.Conforming to the standard requirements of QB/t1048-2004, it is an ideal testing equipment for paper tube, paper cup production enterprise, quality testing institution and other departments.

Main technical parameters:

Measurement range: (30 ~ 4000) N

Resolution: 1N

Accuracy: + 1%

Test speed adjustable range: (1 ~ 50) mm/min

Return speed adjustable range: (1-80) mm/min

Horizontal pressure plate parallel: less than 0.15mm

Upper and lower pressure plate test spacing: (40 ~ 180) mm

Upper and lower pressure plate dimensions (length x width) : 180mm x 180mm

Dimensions (long X width X height) : 330mmX350mmX630mm

Quality: about 41kg

Power: AC220V, 50Hz

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