Product introduction

ISO9895 considered to be the instrument to the paper and cardboard – – short experimental compression strength, GB/T2679.10 short paper and board the compression strength measurement “, GB/T14253 “light industry machinery general technical conditions”, QB/T2386 standards in relevant regulations, suitable for short range compression strength test paper and board.Microcomputer control, liquid crystal Chinese display, with test data processing function, printable output.


  1. Mechanical and electrical integration design, compact structure, beautiful appearance and convenient maintenance;
  2. The instrument adopts the upper pressure plate fixed type and high precision sensor to ensure the speed and accuracy of the data collection of the instrument’s force value;
  3. High-speed ARM processor, rapid data acquisition, automatic measurement, intelligent judgment function and automatic statistics results;4. Automatic reset, easy to operate, easy to adjust, stable performance;
  4. Adopt modular type 1 type heat sensitive printer, which can be printed quickly and easily replaced by paper;

Technical parameters

Measuring range: pressure 0~500N

Test speed: 3 + 1mm/min

Accuracy of display value: plus or minus 1%;

Display value variation: <1%

Platen parallelism: no more than 0.05mm

Test schedule: (0.70 + + 0.05) mm;

Sample clamping force: (2300 + 500) N;

Power supply: AC 220V plus or minus 22V, 50Hz;

Dimensions: long x height =500 x 560 * 330

Weight: 51 ㎏


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