The thermal shrinkage tester is applied to the test of thermal shrinkage and dimensional stability of various kinds of thin film, heat shrinkable tube, medical PVC hard film, backplate and other materials in liquid medium under various temperatures.

Test standard

The instrument meets many national and international standards: GB/T 13519, ASTM D2732

The test application

Base application film is suitable for various kinds of thin film of liquid medium in a variety of temperature on the properties of thermal shrinkage tests, such as alcohol, cans, mineral water, drinks the whole set packing heat shrinkable film, PE and PVC, POF, OPS, PET shrinkable film suited to a variety of packaging.

Technical index

Sample size: no more than 140 mm x 140 mm

Temperature: room temperature to 200 ℃

Temperature control precision: 120 + 2 ℃

Source: AC 220V 50Hz

Dimensions: 440 mm (L) x 370 mm (W) * 310 mm (H)

Net weight: 24 kg

Standard configuration: 3 sets of mainframes and clamps

Choose and buy: hold net, clip hold net bracket

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