Leak and Seal Strength Detector is professionally applicable to the quantitative determination of seal performance, seal quality, burst pressure, compression resistance, torsion force and joint/disengaging force of flexible packages, aseptic packages, various plastic pilfer-proof closures, flexible tubes, caps and other materials.


ISO 11607-1、ISO 11607-2、GB/T 10440、GB 18454、GB 19741、GB 17447、ASTM F1140、ASTM F2054、
GB/T 17876、GB/T 10004、BB/T 0025、QB/T1871、YBB 00252005、YBB 00162002

Technical Specifications

Test Range0-250KPa;    0-36.3   psi(standard)
0-400KPa;    0-58.0  psi (optional)
  0~600 KPa;  0~87.0 psi (optional)
0~1.6 MPa;  0~232.1 psi (optional)
Gas Supply Pressure0.4 MPa~0.9 MPa (outside of supply scope)
Port SizeDiameter 8mm PU Tubing
Instrument Dimension300 mm (L) x 310 mm (W) x 180 mm (H)
Pedestal Size305 mm(L) x 356 mm(W) x 325 mm(H)
Power SupplyAC 220V  50Hz
Net Weight23 kg



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