Product Character

  • LCD display, PVC panel, humanized design
  • One key operation in the test process can improve the test efficiency
  • The experimental data is displayed on the LCD screen, and the results are automatically counted and printed
  • Test attachment support, test mode flexible, compatible and diversified
  • Standard USB interface configuration, computer software support, results in a variety of unit display
  • Information sharing between test data and Internet can be realized.


Test Principle

Test principle: by injecting certain pressure gas into the sample of plastic beverage bottle, after certain pressure maintaining time, the pressure resistant instrument automatically determines whether the sample is sealed intact or the maximum pressure value when blasting.

Test standard

AQB/T1868、ISO 11607-2、GB/T 10440、GB 18454、GB 19741、GB 17447、ASTM F1140、ASTM F2054、ISO11607、GB/T 17876、GB/T 10004、BB/T 0025、QB/T1871、YBB 00252005、YBB 00162002

Application area

Used for all kinds of carbonated beverage bottles, plastic bottles to maintain internal pressure and blasting test.

Technical Specification

Test range0-1.6MPA
Test accuracy±1%
Air pressureBig than 1.2MPA(The air source is provided by the user)
Air connectionΦ8 mm polyurethane tube
Out size300 mm (L) × 310 mm (W) × 180 mm (H)
PowerAC  220V  50Hz
Net weight23  kg

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