Compression tester is an efficient and easy to use instrument.Mainly used in corrugated core paper, carton board (kraft paper), corrugated board and other tests.Suitable for ring crush strength of paper and board (RCT), corrugated core paper flat crush strength (CMT) and crushing strength (CCT), corrugated cardboard marginal pressure strength (ECT), glue (stripping) strength (PAT), flat crush strength (FCT has grown) and other material products, such as compressive strength test, in line with the GB/T2679.8, GB/T6546, GB/T6548, GB/T2679.6, ISO13820, ISO3037, ISO7263, ISO12192, ISO3035 standards.At the same time, the instrument can also be used to measure the thickness of paper, board and corrugated board, symbol ISO543, ISO3034, GB/T451.3, GB/T6547, QB/T1055 standard: RCT, CMT, CCT, ECT, PAT, FCT.


  1. Sensor mode: LOAD CELL strength sensor.
  2. Capacity: 200KG.
  3. Unit switch: Kg/N/Ib.
  4. Decomposition degree: 1/10000.
  5. Accuracy: plus or minus 1%
  6. Pressure plate: 100 x 100 mm or sample diameter.

7.Test speed:12.7mm/min

  1. 8. Effective spacing: 150 mm.
  2. 9. Weight (about) : 65kg.

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