LR-F067 Short Span Compression Tester 


LR-F067 Short Span Compression Tester can quickly measure the compressive strength of corrugated board and corrugated paper.The compressive strength determines the stackability of corrugated boxes.The purpose of measuring the compressive strength is to help manufacturers to produce cartons with high compressive strength with as few raw materials as possible.

Standard: GBT2679.10 Paper and board short distance compression strength determination

Paper and board-Compressive strength-Short span test

ISO 9895-2008 Paper and board-Compressive strength-Short span test

Gbt2679.10-1993, ISO9895-2008, QB-T2386-2017 Paper and board short distance compression strength determination

LR-F067 Short Span Compression Tester  

Product features

◆ High precision force sensor, factory accuracy control in <0.5%, better than the ISO standard ±1%.

◆ Precision ball screw drive, aluminum alloy panel, high quality stainless steel chuck and reasonable design, ensure the instrument durable.

Hd touch screen display, friendly man-machine interface operation.Complete the test automatically, with test data statistics processing function, micro printer output, can also be connected to the computer operation.When connected to the computer, in addition to automatic memory storage results, but also can display the pressure curve and save.

◆ High performance stepper motor, American chip control, to ensure the precise transmission of the instrument, fast and efficient testing.

◆ The calibration procedure is specially set inside the instrument, which is convenient for the measurement and calibration department (the third party) to calibrate the instrument.Factory equipped with calibration weight users can easily calibrate the instrument


LR-F067 Short Span Compression Tester 

Technical parameters



Technical specification
UnitN   kN/m    (N·m)/g
Measuring range0~500N   (112lbf)
Indication accuracyindication error ±1%;varation of indication≤1%
Compression speed3±1mm/min
Free spacing between fixtures0.7±0.05 mm
PrintThe instrument comes with a thermal printer
QualityAbout 21kg
Dimension450×370×200 (mm)
Power supplyAC 110V~240V


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