LR-H002 Electromagnetic type vertical vibration tester

electromagnetic vibration test series and defense, aerospace, communications, electronics, automobile widely used

, household appliances and other industries.


A vibration test machine, vibration platform technology parameters

1 Product Overview: electromagnetic vibration test series and defense, aerospace, communications, electronics, automobile widely used

, household appliances and other industries. The types of equipment used to find fault in the early, the simulation of actual condition assessment and structural strength test, application of a wide range of products, wide applicable scope, test results are

obvious and reliable.

The humanized operation and control, the professional control software to control equipment, more stable, more reliable

The machine adopts composite material manufacturing industry, precision machining, ultra quiet

The panel is made of aluminum alloy material, can completely isolate the magnetic interference, effectively prevent the magnetization of the analyte

The sweep frequency and fixed frequency operation mode, to adapt to the requirements of testing in different industries

The high precision frequency output, four point synchronous vibration, uniform vibration table

The diamagnetic and strong anti-interference ability

The protective function of safe and reliable

The platform with high efficiency and low noise fan cooling, ensure the long time continuous operation


2 technical parameters

The frequency range (Hz): 5~400

Sweep frequency range (Hz): 5~400

The maximum acceleration (m/s2): 170

The maximum test load (kg): 40

The maximum load displacement (mmp-p): 0~5

Vibration waveform: sine wave

Axial: vertical vibration

The excitation mode: electromagnetic excitation

Cooling: air cooling

Temperature requirements (c): 0~+40

Working humidity requirements (%RH): 0-90, no dew

Power requirements: AC – 220V/50Hz + 10%

The system power consumption (KVA): 2.2

Table: the magnesium alloy material

Table screw size (standard): M8 (customizable)

Table 8: the number of screws (can be customized)

The total body weight (kg): 75

Work table size W.D.H (mm): 450 x 450 x 43

Body size W.D.H (mm): 800 x 800 x 385


Two. Vibration controller vibration testing machine technical parameters

  1. Product Overview: adopt international advanced distributed system architecture, 32-bit floating point DSP processor, vibration control system technical performance has been further improved.

Modularization and low noise design technology, independent installation in the control box, using USB interface and computer connectivity is simple, based on Windows 8 application software, the adaptive control algorithm of the control software is powerful.

Control of high precision, wide dynamic range.

The system has automatic security testing system is complete, to protect the normal use of test equipment and test pieces.

The pre experiment: in the boot state, the automatic detection system circuit connection status, prompt connection status.

The tolerance alarm and interrupt system: with automatic error alarm and interrupt protection automatic shutdown detection

The real-time recording operation curve and automatically save system,.

2 technical parameters

The frequency range (Hz): 5~200

Control mode: computer control

Operation mode: fixed frequency, sweep frequency, multi section

Sweep mode: linear, logarithmic, frequency doubling

The operation data storage and output: can save and print the output curve.

Operating system requirements: Window XP, Window 7, Window 8

Computer interface: USB 2

The control cabinet size W.D.H (mm): 380 x 255 x 170




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