LR-G006  Auto Cupping Tester ISO 1520

Single coating and coating used in the detection of the extension of the coatings on metal substrate and damage.
– motor drive the punch has a very high reproducibility
– no zero steel plate, automatic zero after test, no accumulated error
– position sensor with high precision, sag precision can reach 0.01 mm
– the attached standard 10 times with lamp magnifying glass, convenient observation and judgment test results
– the largest measured 1.25 mm thick plates
– digital display, all functions are controlled by two buttons
Insert plates instrument openings, besmear level up
The power of the medium using the clamping device clamp plate
Start the cup drawing instrument, and through a magnifying glass observation test plate surface
At a constant speed is 0.2 mm/s automatic ball on top
Observed the first crack, immediately stop cup drawing instrument
Digital display screen read cup drawing depth values
At least three times of a test plate test
LR-G006  Auto Cupping Tester ISO 1520

Conform to the standard
GB/T 9753-2007 color paints and varnishes – cup drawing test
ISO 1520-2006


LR-G006  Auto Cupping Tester ISO 1520

Technical parameters

input voltage220V AC 50Hz
circular punchDiameter 20 mm
sag depthMax depth15 mm
The depth of the precisionDivision value0.01 mm
Dimension 230×360×430 mm
weight 35 kg










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