LR-G012  Paint Film Impact Tester


Mainly used for testing the destruction degree after it hit, has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation.
At a fixed weight of the heavy hammer falls in a certain height to impact test plate coated with a test sample, wallop to kg. Cm said.
Impact device includes a solid base for the pipe, conduit pipe shaft with slit and by using a suitable for the weight of the middle axis
Guide cylindrical load, there were marked to indicate the height of the corresponding reading when falling weight.
Type 2702 impact height of 0 to 50 cm, type 2703 impacter impact 0-100 cm in height.
Instrument base contains a mold base support, the size of the punch to suitable for the mold base,
This is important, it can prevent the plates on the mold base within the borders of the shear stress.

Conform to the standard
GB/T 1732-1993 film impact resistance measurement


LR-G012  Paint Film Impact Tester

Technical parameters

impact height0-50cm/0-100cm
Scale unit1 cm
Impact hammer1000 g
punch diameter8 mm
Mold base diameter15 mm
Impact Depth2 mm
Dimension200×200×800(1200) mm
Weight15 kg


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