LR-G015  Ford Cup

Ford Cup (Ford Cup) according to the American society for testing materials paint and raw material standard ASTM D 1200, D333, D365 specified in the production, is used to determine ink, paint, paint, etc viscometer viscosity is more convenient.Through the determination of aluminum cup a certain capacity of sample the time needed for a hole in the bottom of the outflow to measured sample viscosity.In Europe and North America are widely used in many other countries.
Ford cup by opening at the bottom of the hole, capacity is 100 ml of high quality aluminum cup.


LR-G015  Ford Cup

Technical specification

Cup body volume:100ml
Cup material:Aluminum alloy, the discharge hole for copper quality
Cup No: 1#    2#    3#    4#     5#
Hole diameter:Ø1.9   Ø2.53   Ø3.4    Ø4.12    Ø5.20(mm)
Measure range:10~35  25~120  49~220  70~370  200~1200(cst)

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