LR-G020  Automatic Multi-Segment Ink Proofer


The Printing Ink Proofer is designed to test the special color before printed in printing machine. The color matching work is completely changed into a work before printing, thus it can greatly reduced the production time of printing machine and reduce the consumption of papers, ink, rag, car washing water, human labor power and electricity consumption. What’s more, it can improve the stability of the special color.

Printing Ink Proofer SPEC:

Input Voltage:220v, 50/60Hz;


Ink Distributing Method:Automatic ink distributing with adjustable distributing time;

Printing Pressure:The printing pressure can be precisely adjusted according to the thickness of the substrate from outside;

Ink Distributing and Printing Speed:The ink distributing and printing speed can be adjusted according to the properties of printing ink and substrate;


Total Width of the Printing Roller: 225mm(the maximum color spreading area is 225*210mm);

Net Weight:75kg;

Application:printing industry, printing ink industry, paper making industry, training centers and

R&D centers.


LR-G020  Automatic Multi-Segment Ink Proofer

Applicable Printing Inks:the normal inks (non-water-based) or UV curing inks (non-water-based) for surface offset printing and typographic brand printing.


LR-G020  Automatic Multi-Segment Ink Proofer

Ink Proofer Features:

1) Four inks may be proofed simultaneously for comparison

2) Excellent repeatability.

3) Automatic ink distributing.

4) Complete inking/proofing/cleaning cycle only 3-5 minutes.

5) Multiple proofs easily obtained using any substrate.

6) Reduces press down-time.

7) Repeatable proofing when the proofer equipped with ink injector.

8) Can print on different materials, including normal paper, coated paper, tinned plate, matte paper, gray paperboard as well as film.

9) Safe and simple operation.

10) Easy cleaning and maintenance.


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