LR-G026   Pull Off Adhesion Tester

Product Description

The adhesion of the coating with the substrate can be quantified by the use of the open method, which means that the external force of the coating from the substrate to a specific area is required to be expressed by Mpa.

The pull-type adhesion meter conforms to the standard requirements of GB/T 5210, ISO 4624 and ASTM D 4541.Its measuring principle is as follows: first round forging die by glue and adhesive coating on the surface under test, after a period of maintenance, through measuring instrument installed inside a spring places a lift to the circular forging die.When the circular forging die is pulled off the surface of the coating, the indicator on the scale shows the value of the adhesion of the coating to the substrate.

The instrument is operated by hand and is mainly used for construction site determination, especially in engineering acceptance.The application range includes the detection of deck coatings or spraying, stainless steel, aluminum products or coatings on concrete.

LR-G026   Pull Off Adhesion Tester

Main technical parameters

MaterialAnodized aluminum fuselage, steel base
Standard configurationPull-type adhesion tester, die (20), Araldite 1 box, pedestal support ring, magnetic forging die clip, forging die cutter, ratchet wrench (limited to range 3&4), suitcase and operation manual

Order Information

NO-1   Measure Range:0-3.5Mpa

NO-2   Measure Range:0-7.0Mpa

NO-3   Measure Range:0-15Mpa

NO-4   Measure Range:0-22Mpa

NO-5   Measure Range:0-0.2Mpa

NO-6   Meausre Range:0-3.5Mpa (The concrete is specially coated with the forging die with a diameter of 50mm)




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