LR-G031  Solvent Rub Resistance Tester

Solvent Rub Resistance Tester is designed according to ASTM D 4752 and NCCA11-18《Test Method for Measuring MEK Resistance of Ethyl Silicate (Inorganic) Zinc-Rich Primers by Solvent Rub》.The Solvent Rub Test is usually performed using methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) as the solvent. The MEK resistance or degree of cure applies to paint topcoats and primers.

ASTM D4752 involves rubbing the surface of a baked film with cheesecloth soaked with MEK until failure or breakthrough of the film occurs. The type of cheesecloth, the stroke distance, the stroke rate, and approximate applied pressure of the rub are specified. The rubs are counted as a double rub (one rub forward and one rub backward constitutes a double rub).

LR-G031  Solvent Rub Resistance Tester

Main Technical Parameters

■ Motor Power:60W  220V  50Hz

■ Rubbing weight:1000±10 g

■ Rubbing speed:5-95/min(stepless speed regulation)

■ Rubbing head diameter: 14±0.5 mm

■  Rubbing Distance:100mm/120mm (selectable, and we also can offer special rubbing distance )

■ Rubbing times: 0~9,999

■ Overall dimension:270×310×340mm (length by width by height)

■ Weight:15Kg

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