LR-G032  Linear Rubbing and Alcohol Abraser

Linear Rubbing And Alcohol Abraser is a universal machine that can practically perform many kind of linear abrasion rub or alcohol testing by attaching the required accessories and weights,Dry or Wet.(The Wet Rub Test requires a liquid dispenser with dripping control knob).

Linear Rubbing And Alcohol Abraser is engineered to perform many International Standard Tests, such as Crocking Test, Eraser Test, Liquid/Solvent Rub Test, which make it a multifunctional rubbing machine.

LR-G032  Linear Rubbing and Alcohol Abraser

Main Technical Parameters:
■ Selectable Speed:0-75 rpm/min(stepless speed control)

■ Stroke Length(mm):
A: 10~50mm
B : 0~75mm

■ Weight:
A:Two sets , each set includes 25g,50g,100g,200g, 500g
B:Two sets , each set includes 10g,20g,50g,100g,200g,300g,500g

■ Calculation range: 1-9999 times
■ Overall dimensions:500×350×550mm(L×W×H)

■ Weight of whole machine:25KG



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