LR-G034  Ford Cups 

Ford Cups produced by our company are in accordance with International Standard ASTM D1200, D333, and D365. For easy measurement of the viscosity of paints, inks, lacquers and other liquids. All Biuged Ford cups are machined anodic oxidation aluminum with removable stainless steel orifice and are guaranteed to be within 2% throughout the recommended range of use.

LR-G034  Ford Cups 

Main Technical Parameters:

■  Internal Diameter:50±0.05mm

■  Outer Diameter:86±0.1mm

■  Internal Orifice Length:10±0.1mm

■  Production Tolerance:±2%

■  Details of each Ford Cups


Details/Ford cupFord Cup
Ford Cup
Ford Cup
Ford Cup
Hand-Held Ford Cup
Internal Vertical Height43±0.1mm43±0.1mm43±0.1mm43±0.1mm43±0.1mm
 Internal Orifice ф(mm)2.53 mm3.4 mm4.1 mm5.2 mm4.1 mm
External Orifice ф(mm)5.0±0.5mm5.5±0.5mm6.0±0.5mm7.6±0.5mm6.0±0.5mm
Centistokes Range25-12049-22070-370215-141370-370
Efflux Time(sec)±0.240-10025-10520-10520-10520-105

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