LR-G035   ISO Flow Cups

ISO Flow Cups produced by our company are in accordance with International Standard ISO 2431,DIN 53224, EN 535;ASTM D5125 (Paints and varnishes-Determination of flow time by Use of Flow Cups (Fourth edition)). They are made of high quality aluminum and feature stainless steel nozzle inserts(specification dependent).They are mirror polished&smooth finished for high efflux accuracy and easy maintenance. ISO Flow Cups are applicable to determine the flow time of Newtonian and near Newtonian fluids.

LR-G035   ISO Flow Cups

Main Technical Parameters

■ Material:Anodized Aluminum

■ Weight:0.38 Kg

■ Details of each ISO Cups

Details/ISO cupISO-3ISO-4ISO-5ISO-6ISO-8
Orifice (ф/mm)
Range (seconds)25-15030-10030-10030-10030-100
 Range  (cS t)7-4234-13591-326188-684600-2000


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