LR-G048  Multi-functional Alcohol Abrasion Tester


Multi-function resistance to friction testing machine is suitable for the TV remote control button screen printing, plastic, mobile phone shell, headphones shell screen printing, silk screen, keyboard battery screen printing, leather printing, electrical, and other kinds of electronic fuel injection, silk screen print on the surface of a product as wear-resisting, assess its wear-resisting degree.This machine can carry on alcohol or other liquid medium and cotton cloth friction test, eraser friction test, pencil hardness test three kinds of typical wear-resisting test.This machine is to test the product to and fro on the test load, test number and test schedule.

LR-G048  Multi-functional Alcohol Abrasion Tester

Product parameters:

  1. Test station: two
  2. Test load: 50~1000g
  3. Test schedule: 10~60mm (manual adjustable)
  4. Test speed: 5~60 times/min (knob adjustment, LCD display)
  5. Test counter: 0~99999999 times (preset, LCD display)
  6. Weight weight: 50, 100, 200, 300, 500g each
  7. Friction medium: the standard cotton piece, eraser, Chinese 2B pencil two
  8. Alcohol or other liquid abrasion tools: two
  9. Eraser tool: two
  10. Pencil eraser: two
  11. Machine size (L x W * H) : 500 x 450 x 600mm
  12. Work power: AC220V, 50HZ


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