LR-G1000 High speed ink mixer 1kg

Features of mixer:

Unique shape design, beautiful, generous and practical.

2 stirring principle is according to the motor revolution and rotation of the stirring mode, high speed operation in a short time will be broken up mixing ink, while mixing can be used evenly.

3 aluminum fixture seat is suitable for 500G ink bottle: at the same time, two cans can be stirred at a time, a total of 1000g, save time and improve production efficiency.

The unique fixture design makes the mixing smooth and more uniform.

5 in the mixing process, the ink cover does not need to be opened.

This machine adopts microcomputer control, simple operation, high reliability.Suitable for printing and printing ink factory small initial test ink characteristics and color test, save material and time.

7 Adopt the principle of rotation, revolution and centrifugal force, with good balance, small vibration and low noise, with time controller and standby

Universal fixture, suitable for all kinds of printing ink (offset, relief, gravure, flexo, waterborne and UV ink) 8 double safety design, proximity switch to ensure personal safety.

9 45 degrees placed, along the axis of rotation, ink will not adhere to the lid.


LR-G1000 High speed ink mixer 1kg

Technical parameters:

ModelLR – G1000
Power supplyAC220V 50/60Hz
Power60 w
Stirring methodrevolution 1000r/m+ rotation 500r/m
Working time0.1-9.9min
Operation modekey control, time system display machine size: L400*W400*H460mm
machine weight32KG


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