Standard: QB/T 2920-2007 A method

Test method for the luggage and fixed on the machine, adjust the roller speed, continuous testing several hours later, visual luggage wheel is damaged, reached after the set time, and can automatically stop the operation.

  1. Test roller: diameter 216 + 2mm with a width of 600mm.
  2. Steel bar: width 30mm, thickness 3mm, chamfer 0.5mm
  3. The moving volume of the fixture: 35~95mm
  4. Movement of clamps up and down: 55~115mm
  5. Test speed: 4km/h

6.Weight: 12kg,16kg,18kg,20kg, 22kg,25kg,28kg (composite)

  1. Timer: LCD display
  2. The size of the machine table (W by D x H):1730 x 710 x 1500
  3. Power supply: AC 220V, 5A
  4. The two test rolls shall be on the same level, and the distance between the two test rolls can be adjusted and the rotation direction is opposite


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