Features of dynamic testing machine for stroller:

The dynamic durability test machine of stroller is based on the dynamic test specification of the stroller.The test method is: the model infant is in the platform, the platform is fixed on the test platform, and the conveyor belt speed is 1.4 plus or minus 0.1m/SEC (5kw/h/h/h/h).After continuous testing for 64 hours, the visual car table is not damaged.The number of sets can be stopped automatically.The machine is equipped with an electric eye safety device, which can prevent the control of the pram from getting out of control due to the breakage of the handle and rubber band.This machine is suitable for the dynamic testing of the bottom wheel and body during the movement of the hand push stroller.Dynamic durability testing machine based on standard:

The dynamic durability testing machine for stroller conforms to AS/NZS2088:2000 ASTM-F833 and CNS 6263-11, bsl-1996, EN1888:2003 standard



Test station1 or 2
Test speed5kw/h±0.1kw/h(adjustable)
Drive wayThe roller is used to drive the rubber conveyor belt of the roller to make a special aluminum alloy conveyor belt
Up down spaceMax 300mm
Effective widthMax 1000mm
TimerLCD 0-999999times 6digit
LoadMax 100Lb
Impact block shapeTrapezoid, semi-arc or designation
Machine Size3300×1400×1900mm(L×W×H)
weightAbout 600kg
VoltageAC~220V  50Hz



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