LR-K001  Horizontal vertical flammability tester

Product introduction:

This tester is applicable to test and assess the burning characteristics of plastic material is according to the American UL94 standard equipment and instruments parts with plastic material flammability test of relative clauses specified in the design and manufacturing, plastic parts of equipment and utensils horizontal, vertical flammability test, and equipped with gas flowmeter, adjust the flame size, adopts motor driven method, simple and safe operation.This instrument can be used to assess the flammability of materials or foam plastics such as V- 0, v-1, v-2, HB, 5V, HF- 1, HF- 2, HBF.

LR-K001  Horizontal vertical flammability tester

Test standard

UL94 fire test

GBT2408-2008: determination of plastic combustion performance and vertical method

IEC 6065-11-10 fire prevention test

Technical parameters:

Contents: 0.5 cubic meter, glass observation door

Timer: the imported timer is adjustable within the range of 0 ~ 99 minutes, with a precision of plus or minus 0.1 seconds. The combustion time can be set and the combustion duration can be recorded

Casting time: 0 ~ 99 minutes 99 seconds can be set

Residual flame time: 0 ~ 99 minutes 99 seconds can be set

Afterburn time: 0 ~ 99 minutes 99 seconds can be set

Test gas: more than 98% methane /37MJ/m3 natural gas (gas also available)

Burning Angle: 20 °, 45 °, 90 ° (0 °) is adjustable

Size parameters of the burners are: imported lamp itself, nozzle Ø 9.5 + / – 0.3 mm, inner diameter nozzle effective length to 100 + 10 mm, have air conditioning

Flame height: the standard requirement can be adjusted from 20mm to 175mm

Flow meter: adopt 105ml/min standard

Product features: other configurations include lighting fixtures, exhaust gas installations, gas flow regulating valves, gas pressure gauges, gas pressure regulating valves, gas flow meters, gas u-type pressure gauges and sample fixtures

Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz



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