LR-K004  Tracking Test Apparatus PLC type

The reference standard

IEC60335, GB4706.1, IEC 6084-1, GB2099.1, GB/t4207-2003, IEC 60112.


LR-K004  Tracking Test Apparatus PLC type

Technical specifications

This product is used for electrical products affected by damp and environment under the influence of impurity, or between the live parts of different polarity between live parts and grounded (earthed) metal parts may cause the leakage on the insulation, produced by the arc to electrical breakdown caused by short circuit or due to discharge the material erosion, and even lead to fire.Flows were simulated on this test apparatus is a destructive test of insulation materials, used to test and assess under prescribed voltage, insulators in the electric field and the impurities in water function when the relative tracking resistance.It is suitable for electrical and electronic products, and the insulation materials and products of solid electrical appliances, such as relay socket, switch cover, contact body, etc.


LR-K004  Tracking Test Apparatus PLC type

Basic specifications

1) contents of the box: 0.5 cubic meter, with glass observation door

: 2) electric load test voltage between 100 ~ 600 v is adjustable, short circuit current in 1 A + / – 0.1 A when voltage drop should be no more than 10%, when the test loop, the short circuit when the leakage current is equal to or greater than 0.5 time keep 2 seconds, relay action, to cut off the current, the sample (s) indicating the unqualified.

3) the two poles are applied to the sample: with the rectangular platinum electrode, the force of the two poles is 1.0n plus or minus 0.05, respectively

4) drip device: the drop height is adjustable from 30mm to 40mm, the drop size is 44 ~ 50 drops/cm3, and the drop time is 30 + 1 second

5) product features: the structural parts of this test box are made of stainless steel or brass, the electrode head is of platinum, high temperature and corrosion resistance, accurate drop counting, stable and reliable control system.

6) power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz



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