LR-K008  High voltage striation tester

Technical specifications

This equipment according to the national standard GB/T6553-2003 and IEC60581:1984 “evaluation under harsh environmental conditions using electric mark for electrical insulating materials and test method of erosion of the relevant provisions stipulated in the design and manufacture.Mark since high voltage tester applies to electrical and electronic products, household electrical appliances and materials of electric mark and erosion test, simulation in power frequency (48 hz – 62 hz), with liquid pollutants and cant specimen, by measuring electric mark and erosion evaluation in harsh environmental conditions using the electrical insulation of electric resistance and erosion grade.

LR-K008  High voltage striation tester

The basic specifications

The contents of the box are more than 0.1 cubic meter, with glass observation door

Electrical load continuous adjustable 0 ~ 6000 v + 5%, when the test loop, the short circuit current reach or exceed 60 ma after last 2 s, relay action, to cut off the current, the buzzer alarm indication product is unqualified, then cancel the alarm according to the voltage can be stopped.

The thickness of the upper and lower electrodes is 0.5mm, and the other dimensions are required to be made according to the standard size, and the spacing between the upper and lower electrodes is 50 plus or minus 0.5mm.

The dropping time interval is 0 ~ 99.99S continuously adjustable;

The dropping device of drip device is highly adjustable, and the flow rate of the liquid is adjustable at 0.075 ~ 0.9ml/min. The test time can be preset.

The filter paper size is made according to the standard size, and the thickness of the filter paper is 0.15 ~ 0.17mm

The product features the shell of the test instrument and all the electrodes, the fastening device and the assembly parts connected with the electrode, such as screws, washers and nuts, all of which are made of stainless steel.

Power supply AC 220V / 50Hz


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