LR-K009  Building material combustion tester

Technical specifications

The combustion testing machine is designed and manufactured according to the standard gb8626-88 and is used to determine whether the building materials are flammable under the specified conditions.The test machine consists of two parts: the control box and the combustion box. The control system has the function of automatic ignition, automatic gas supply and automatic timing. The operation is simple and convenient.


LR-K009  Building material combustion tester

The basic specifications

The dimensions of the box size test box are 700mm x 400mm x 810mm, and the top of the box has 150mm smoke vent. The front and right side are equipped with a glass observation window with a stainless steel mesh at the bottom.

Burner size parameter burner by aperture?The nozzle and regulator of 0.17mm are composed of four 4mm air suction holes

Casting time 0 ~ 99 minutes 99 seconds can be set

The ignition time is 0 ~ 99 minutes 99 seconds can be set

The flame height can be adjusted to 20 + 2mm by standard

Combustion gases are used in the purity of more than 95% propane gas

Burning Angle 45 °

The whole set of configuration is composed of control box, combustion box body, burner, solenoid valve, high-voltage igniter, signal control line and sample bracket.

Power AC 220V / 50


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