LR-KK500B Automatic opening flash point tester

Product introduction

LR-KK500B automatic opening flash point analyzer is used to determine the opening flash point value of petroleum products.The instrument adopts electronic ignition mode and does not require any combustible gas, which fully conforms to the standard method requirements of GB/T3536-2008 and GB/T267-88.The instrument adopts high-performance ARM microprocessor and fuzzy PID technology for temperature control. The temperature rising speed is uniform and stable. The instrument also adopts touch color LCD, which makes human-computer interaction more convenient.It is a special instrument for petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, commodity inspection and other industries to replace imported products.


 LR-KK500B Automatic opening flash point tester

Performance characteristics

◆ High degree of automation: automatic heating, sweeping, lifting, cooling, printing, calibration test results;

◆ Temperature control accuracy: adopt advanced fuzzy PID temperature control technology;

◆ Adopt advanced ion ring flashover detection technology;

◆ Test sample opening flash point value;

◆ Test overtemperature self-stop;

◆ Instrument self-test function;

◆ Luminance adjustment function of igniter;

◆ Large data storage capacity, 3000 analysis and test records can be saved;

◆ Data record printing function.

LR-KK500B Automatic opening flash point tester

 Technical indicators

◆ Standard: GB/T3536-2008 GB/T267-88

◆ Detection item: opening flash point

◆ Display mode: touch high – definition color LCD

◆ Measurement range: room temperature ~ 400℃

◆ Resolution: 0.1℃

◆ Repeatability: ±3℃

Lifting mode: pitch type

◆ Ignition mode: electronic ignition (without gas)

◆ Data records: 3000

◆ Printing: Thermal printer

◆ Applicable ambient temperature: 5 ~ 35℃

◆ Applicable relative humidity: ≤85%

◆ Power source: AC220V±10%, 50Hz±5%

Work rate: 550W

◆ External dimension: 435*350*280mm

◆ Weight: 15Kg

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