This machine is suitable for cloth, paper, coating, plywood, leather, floor tile, glass, natural plastic etc.The test method is a pair of grinding wheels with a set of grinding wheels, which can be used to drive the grinding wheel when the test material is rotated.The loss weight of the abrasion shall be poor before and after the test.

According to the standard: DIN- 53754,53799,53109,52347, tappi-t476, astm-d1044, D3884, iso-5470

  1. Test: outer diameter 108mm;Inside diameter of 8 mm, (D) 3 mm
  2. Center distance of grinding wheel: 63.5mm
  3. Grinding wheel and disc center distance: 37~38mm
  4. Grinding wheel: psi 2 “(Max: 45mm). 1/2” (W)
  5. Rotation speed: 60/72 RPM

6. Load: 250, 500, 1000g

  1. Counter: LCD, 0~999,900
  2. Distance between the specimen and the suction mouth: 3mm
  3. Volume (W*D*H): 53 x 32 * 31cm+ vacuum cleaner
  4. Weight: 18 kg 11. Power supply: 1. AC220V,10A


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