Sole leather, paste or suture in the surface of the canvas belt, cloth belt and set in the machine on the wheel, wheel, sole by bending, bending after a certain number of times, examines the sole damage and fracture, in order to understand its bending resistance properties.

  1. Length of cloth belt: 1930±50
  2. Tape speed: 90 times/min
  3. Central diameter of large wheel: 225mm
  4. Central diameter of the small wheel: 60mm,90mm,120mm each, plus or minus 0.5mm
  5. Also try: up to 6 soles
  6. Timer: LCD 0~999,999
  7. Volume (W*D*H):129*75*70cm
  8. Weight: about 170kg
  9. Power supply: 1. AC 220V,3A

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