This machine simulates the ability of women to resist sudden shock when wearing high heels while walking, and can measure the toughness of the molded heel of the rusty material.The test piece is fixed to the specimen seat with molten alloy cooling. The height and Angle of the specimen seat can be adjusted.During the experiment, the energy of impact increased, and the impact index was read until the heel broke.

By standard: bs-5131

  1. Capacity: 0 ~ 18.3 J (ft – 13.5 lb)
  2. Swing arm: 25mm in diameter
  3. Power of pendulum when swing arm horizontal: 17.3N-m(12.7ft-lb)
  4. Impact hammer: 108mm in diameter, 49.2mm(D)
  5. Hammer center to axis: 432mm
  6. Edge: 25*6*35mm(W*D*L),3mm
  7. The specimen holder adjustable range: 0 ~ 25 mm (H), Angle of 0 ~ 45 °
  8. Volume: 63 x 40 x 105cm

9.Weight: about 101Kg

  1. Power: AC ~ 220V 50Hz


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