The sole insulation testing machine is used to detect the high temperature resistance of the sole material such as rubber and polymer.

Insulating testing methods: sole stays tester of brushwork is the sandbox is heated to 150 ℃, make the sand sample upper and sole contact, insoles temperature records in 30 minutes, along with the change of time accurate to 0.5 ℃.

Meet the standard: ISO 8782-1, ISO 20344, GB/T 20991, 5.12

Technical parameters of sole insulation testing machine:

1.The sandbox: equipped with adjustable to 150 + 5 ℃ heat conducting plate.

  1. The sand height is greater than 5cm.
  2. Sand grain size: 0.3 ~ 1.0mm.
  3. The heat transfer medium: standard Ф 5 mm steel ball, the total quality of 4 kg.
  4. Copper/cu ni thermocouple: welding a copper disk with a thickness of 2 + / 1mm and a diameter of 15 + / 1 mm.

6.Temperature measurement and recording device: with 5 fitting, with compensator.

  1. The temperature control precision: plus or minus 2 ℃.
  2. Hot plate maximum temperature: 250 ℃.
  3. Heating power: 2.5kw.

10.Test area: about 250 x 460mm or 400 x 400mm.

11.Volume: about 105 x 45 by 55cm

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