Safety shoes steel head on the machine up and down between two platen, rules of stress, and then giving the steel head subsidence degree, in order to understand when wearing, can ensure the safety of the toe of the EN standard is the use of gauge, measurement and testing apparatus, measuring steel gap in the head.

  1. Criteria: en-344, LD59
  2. Compression force: (EN)15 + + 0.1kn
  3. Compression speed: (EN)5 + / 2mm/min
  4. Hardness of press plate: (EN)60HRC
  5. Pressure induction: the weight of the load.
  6. Pressure display decomposition: 1/10000
  7. Horsepower: 100W
  8. Volume (W *D* H) : 82*58*71cm
  9. Weight: 148KG
  10. Power supply: 1 30, AC220V, 15 a





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