The machine in the wear-resisting degree of lace test, shoelaces device is: take two shoelaces middle phase, forming a right and the left one, to the machine right clamp clamp (dynamic) holding right at both ends, and then to the left clamp (clip) and holding the left side, the other end of the Lord in the pulley groove groove, and hanging weight below, test when moving with constant speed around the straight line reciprocating movement, makes the shoelace, mutual friction, friction test to the specified number or LACES rupture recorded when the number of friction.

Design criteria: DIN- 4843, QB/T2226SATRA PM154

  1. Maximum distance between the moving clip and the fixed clip: 310mm (Max)
  2. Moving clip itinerary: 35mm
  3. Speed of moving clip: 60 plus or minus 6cycles/min
  4. Clip-on: 4 sets
  5. Sample rules: Angle Angle52.2 Space120mm ° distance
  6. Code: 250, plus or minus 3g4 PCS
  7. Counter: LCD liquid crystal display, 0~ 999,999
  8. Horsepower: DC Servo Servo 180W
  9. Volume: 66 x 58 x 42mm
  10. Weight: 66kg
  11. Power: 1. AC 220V,3A


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