The machine in the inspection shoes resistance to soak in the water and the bending performance of test means there are two kinds of twists and turns, flooding or water flooding time or number of twists and turns can be set, test to set the time or frequency, automatic notices and downtime, the use of advanced sensor way as long as the shoes of weeping a little, will be automatically prompted.

Based on the standard: GB/T-16551

  1. Test range: no. 12, no. 12, no. 13
  2. Number of tests: 2 (respectively)
  3. Bending speed: 60 CPM
  4. The bending Angle: 15 °, 30 °, 45 °
  5. Counting/timer: LCD liquid crystal display, 0~999,999 (six-figure)
  6. Water capacity: 7.6 litres
  7. Horsepower: DC 1/2 HP deceleration control
  8. Volume: 65*83*129cm
  9. Power supply: 1. AC 220V,2.8A


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