Using this machine, first in the soles to test the largest of the bending, stabbed a number of specified in the hole, and then to the machine fixture fixed on both ends of the sole, fixture is fixed, one for the activity, test fixture in the middle of circular shaft raised repeatedly, to bend a sole, bending after a certain number of times, with a magnifying glass to examine sole stretching resistance level.

Based on the standard: en-344

  1. Simultaneous test: 3 sole
  2. Bending speed: 125~150rpm/min
  3. The bending Angle: 90 °
  4. Counter: LCD 0~999,999
  5. Circular shaft diameter: 30mm
  6. Weight: 168kg
  7. Volume: 100*45*54 cm
  8. Power: 1. AC 220V,3A


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